Boarding & International Students

For over 150 years, Maur Hill - Mount Academy has provided a successful, safe, and structured boarding environment. Parents trust our staff and faculty to watch over their children and know that we will lovingly guide them to become the man or woman God created them to be.

7-Day Boarding

The key benefit of a boarding school is the structure of a weekly schedule. We believe that engaging in activities outside of the classroom helps students to adjust to campus life and form friendships with peers who enjoy similar activities. Therefore, we require all new boarders to participate in at least one extracurricular activity, which keeps our students very busy. Students have a variety of options to choose from. They can join a club, participate on a sports team, or perform/assist in our theatre production. Visit the Boarding page to learn more and to hear from the students themselves what life is like as a boarding student.

5-Day Boarding

Our five-day boarding program offers all the benefits of the seven-day program and might be an ideal option for families living within a reasonable commuting distance to Atchison. As a five-day boarding student, you’ll have access to the unique and transformative opportunities of a traditional boarding school while still enjoying time on the weekends with family and friends.

The Best of Both Worlds
Weekly Schedule

International and Study Abroad Students

For nearly a century, Maur Hill - Mount Academy has welcomed and educated international students. We have alumni around the world representing over 75 countries.

International Students
Study Abroad Students